The C7 is a development of the C6 with the addition of our TALK COMM communication bus allowing common signals like colour and brightness commands to be sent to other items on the bus.

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The C7 has 5 line inputs and a MM Phono input as standard, this can be replaced with an MC if required however our MC7 stand alone phono stage is a better option. The C7 is a pure analogue device with great care has been take to ensure that the power supply and any RF external influences are minimised. It has a high current class A low impedance output stage to pass the signal to the power amp with the least  possible degradation.  Although there is also a digital input board in development we strongly advise against putting a digital item inside an analogue pre-amplifier or integrated amplifier, it will have a negative effect on sound quality. Digital items should be kept as far apart from their analogue counterparts as possible. Hence a separate External DAC will always sound better than an internal one. The C7 also has our TALK COMM comms bus to ensure that all command signals cannot interfere with the signal as they are totally isolated

The signal inside a preamp must be kept as pure as possible as any degradation at this point will be passed on to the rest of the system. An exceptional  pre-amp like the C7 is worth its weight in gold

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