The ideal partner for the C7 pre-amplifier, with 125W into 8 Ohms with a high current output available few speakers will give this power amplifier any trouble. It is simply one of the very best power amplifiers out there in terms of performance and value, the hall mark of all Edwards Audio products

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The P7 is a development of the new range of MOSFET power amplifiers, as such it is the same topology and PSU as the new IA7. With a power output of 125W and a signal to noise ratio of over 100dB for 1W there are very few amplifiers that can offer such silence. With such silence comes a dramatic black backgrounds and a dynamic performance which is simply spell binding. Musical expression is effortless and natural with the reproduction of even the most complex of passages a mere breeze. It also has our all new TALK Bus which means that when used with its C7 partner any changes to the illumination colours or brightness are replicated , making the status of your amplifier very clear.

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