How we do it

Q. Do you really design and manufacture all your products on site in the UK?

YES, we do, unlike the majority of ‘UK’ manufacturers, we do not just design it and then have it made in China or Taiwan or wherever and then claim it is made in the UK by screwing in the PSU, totally legal but not really manufactured here in the real sense. Neither do we send out for a kit of parts to be made by subcontractors and merely assemble all the incoming parts. We have total control of our manufacturing processes, this allows us to make products more efficiently with better control.

Q. So how are we, as a small company able to make highly competitive products that compete on a world stage?

A. In short, its because we have invested heavily into the latest in automatic CAD/CAM systems and machines. We can design a part in the morning and have it made and evaluated by the end of the same day, this gives us a huge advantage both in efficiency and cost over many of our competitors.

Q. So what parts do you make in house?

A. We make almost all the parts we use, the main exceptions are Sheet Metal fabrication for the chassis and the actual PCB Board manufacture. Additionally some small parts for the tonearms we have made via a specialist UK based supplier.

Q. What machines do you have?

A. We have the following:- CNC Milling machine, CNC Lathe, CNC Turning Centre, CNC Laser cutter, CNC Router, CNC Pick and Place machine, 8 zone hot air reflow machine, and a dual wave soldering machine and a Hot wire Acrylic bending machine. These are all integrated with our 3D Design software and PCB design software. Additionally we do screen printing, hand soldering for the more delicate parts and of course full hand assembly .

Q. Do you OEM (Original Equipment manufacture) for other companies in the HiFi Industry?

Yes we do, but we cannot tell you who due to contractual obligations but you would be very surprised by some of the other manufacturers who trust in our capabilities and facilities. If you have an idea or need something designing, or just manufacturing, contact us to see if we can help you. We can make things in small batches from as small as 10 units up to several thousand.

For more information of what these machines do in detail see our selection of videos showing them in operation (coming soon)