The IA5 is an all new fully discrete amplifier and as such is the start of a new generation of our Bi-Polar amplifiers which has trickle down technology to its smaller cousins

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The IA5 is an exciting product for us as it represents the first in a new generation of Bi-Polar amplifiers.

It is housed in a HALK full width (220mm)  but full depth (325)mm aluminium case which has an anodised front panel from 1/4″ high grade aluminium , this allows you to match it to other products in our various ranges.

At its heart there is a strong power linear supply with RC multipole filtering, with regulation. It has a semi-symmetrical circuit topology for both the pre and power amplifier sections. As with all EA amplifier the inputs are switched by high quality relays.

The power amp section is a class AB 65 Watt, fully discrete Bi-Polar design

It has 5 inputs, one of which a dedicated to an all new, fully discrete MM Phono (turntable) with the remaining 5 being for line sources such as CD, DAC’s, Streamers, tuners, tape recorders. There is a fixed output for recording or other slave devices such as an external headphone amplifier.

The front panel has a dedicated professional 6.3mm 1/4″ Neutrik headphone socket which switches off the loudspeakers when inserted. This is driven from the class A pre-amp output and not taken from the power-amp and resisted down, as is usual, this ensures the listener a much superior result.

Other possible upgrade options include an optional pre-amp output allowing you to upgrade with a better remote power amplifier like our  P5/P6/p7

The IA5 is available in the following colours: Anodised Black, Anodised Gun metal Grey, and Anodised Titanium silver. other colours such as Anodised Red, Green, Blue and Gold are available to special  order

For more information on how we have achieved this please go to www.edwardsaudio.co.uk/howwedoit

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Grey, Red, White, Blue, Green




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