TT6 SC – LP MAGAZINE Product of the year 24


The TT6SC is our top of the range and has a performance to match which we believe to be unsurpassed at the price.

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We are very proud to announce the the TT6SC has been awarded Product of the year from the prestigious German LP magazine

The Edwards Audio TT6 turntable features an additional sandwich to the constrained layer damping technology as used in our TT5 turntable – a technology that is typically associated with the aerospace industry to dissipate fractional vibrations and noise.

This innovation has been further harnessed in the design of the TT6 turntable and as such, delivers stunning sound quality for the price.

As with all Edwards Audio turntables, the TT6 features our TALK custom 24V motor and our in-house designed TALK A5Mk2 captive uni-pivot tonearm with full collar type VTA adjustment.

The TALK A5Mk2 tonearm also features a 12mm pultruded carbon fibre armtube which is terminated with a fully machined blue anodised headshell mount. It is wired with litz type internal wiring for better performance, as with all TALK Tonearms the earthing is kept separate from the blue and green return wires. A so called Balanced wiring but on RCA sockets

It is supplied as standard with our external SC5 DSP based speed controller, this allows easy speed change plus micro adjustment of the actual rotational speed of the turntable, this allows for the pitch to be corrected where needed, this not only allows for those blessed with perfect pitch but also improves sound quality due to the more stable frequency generated.

The TT6 turntable is available in the following colours: Black, Grey, White, and Blue.

Click here to download our product overview for a detailed specification and comparison of all the turntables in our Edwards Audio range.

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Black, Grey, Red, White, Blue, Green

TT6 SC - LP MAGAZINE Product of the year 24

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